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There is so much more to our story than yet we know.


'We are those

who like to venture to the unexplored

to see beauty in the strange and unknown.

Those who go out there with a sense of wonder.

Bridging worlds.

Cultivating our curiosity.

We are ready to take you along'



MOKA tales is a ‘soul-store’ and creative platform, based in one of the upcoming streets of Hasselt. An old town house has been transformed into a pearl of elegant and timeless architecture reflecting the ambiance of their projects.

Wandering nearby and far beyond, they catch inspiration along the way and source objects and textiles that are slowly and carefully handcrafted.  Passionate about the world, they weave stories.

A deeprooted respect for different cultures and craft(wo)manship and observation of little details that are often overlooked are the start of each of their journeys.
Blending bohemian and chic, ancient and modern, edgy and gentle, simple and sophisticated, all collections are ephemeral and unique.
These objects are what they are, a celebration of a style that lives in peace with its own imperfections.
As they age they reveal their beauty.