MOKA tales' aim is to offer a range of natural chic accessories for soulful interiors, individually designed and handmade objects. We believe in a world of ethically made and fairly traded products. Paying a fair price for our homewares helps guarantee that our artisans receive the working wages they are entitled to.
Contributing to a sincerer and more conscious lifestyle.
Bits and pieces of everyday inspiration that catches the eye and touches the mind.

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our soul-store story

The circle of travel extending far beyond the trip itself. Sparks of inspiration leaping out of our photos or stories, along with curiosity.
Our eye for subtle details put to the test…

Everyone has a story to tell

Everyone has a story to tell
Around every corner there is a story waiting
to be discovered
Whether it's hidden behind an open door
a closed curtain
a smile
a silence
a tear
or an absent mind

Everyone has a story to hide
Emotions hidden behind facts
Colors filtering the black and white.

words by babetcetera

golden milk


1000 ml almond milk

4 tsp  kurkuma

4 tsp  ginger

4 tsp  honey 

4 tsp cinnamon


black pepper 


Mix all ingredients in a saucepan

Heat for 3-5 minutes until hot but not boiling

Serve warm with star anise


Enjoy !


Delhi streets
Delhi daily life