Welcome to MOKA projects. Since 2007 we translate the wishes of our clients into a unique story based on natural simplicity, both in private and public, residential and commercial, renovations and brand new projects.

Passionate about natural materials, pale and pure shades, ancient textiles, exposed wood and gentle textures, along with a minimalistic approach, we customise every aspect of your place. Creating a warm and calming atmosphere as an escape to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A small team of skilled partners advises enthousiastly in matters of colour-use, furniture, window decoration, upholstery, lighting, (re)styling of small and large spaces and total interior design.

Shop by for a coffee and discuss your project in the friendly atmosphere of our soul-store or at our home (on appointment only)


Rough, delicate or innovative fabrics make the DNA of MOKA projects. Nomadic journeys all over the world result in a major and pure collection of fabrics.
Have a look at www.moka-projects.com and www.moka-vanille.com
Expert advice, accurate confection and placement of all kinds of curtains (draperies, roman stores, wooden blinds, woven wood)
Total renovation (sandblasting or patination) and reupholstery of ancient furniture following contemporary or classical techniques