Depart - Sizoo Brothers

The favourite destinations of Instagrammers Depart tells the story of the new photographer. A photographer who's always on the move, equipped with a camera and outfitted with a big dash of courage. And because of his strong presence on social media, the new photographer never travels alone. For Depart, the three Dutch Sizoo Brothers selected the photographers they admire the most. Bastiaan, Bob, Willem and the photographers they curated, guide you on a visual trip to their favorite places, all over the world. The book contains more than 250 pages and over 300 breathtaking photos. That makes Depart not only a spectacular photo book - it also serves as a big shot of visual travel inspiration that will definitely trigger your wanderlust.

Out of fashion - Birgitta De Vos

'Out of fashion' is a picture poetry book embracing time as a treasure.

Away from the fast lane of fashion it takes us on an inspirational world tour meeting forgotten textile makers and methods. 

Dressing the soul - Birgitta De Vos

A publication about love for the just being of things.  

The humble, silent and simple become pieces of art with nature as the artist.

The wabi sabi state of things inspires me to create my own art pieces.