Rubber basket

Material Made of recycled inner tubes
Color  Black 
Sizes Small - Diameter 45 x height 34cm
  Large - Diameter 56 x height 39cm
  Use as a basket for wood, books, toys, laundry,...


Rubber basket

Material Upcycled car tire
Color  Black 
Sizes Diameter 30-45 x height 27cm
  Use as a basket for wood, books, toys, laundry,...


Box - memo



Color Light grey
Sizes 25 x 25 x height 13cm
  20 x 35 x height 13cm
  30 x 30 x height 15cm
  30 x 18 x height 11cm

Grease Lighting

Material Made from used cooking oil from restaurants
  It can bring you cosiness without even a smell…
Sizes  Height 13cm 



Wicker baskets

Material Handmade from wicker found in a barn
Sizes Small - Diameter 25 x height 25 cm
  Large - Diameter 38 x height 38 cm


Safety pin

Item MT-OB-00004 (Small)
  MT-OB-00005 (Medium) 

Safety pin made of brass

Origin India

Yak milk soap

Item MT-OB-00019

Yak milk, honey, red clay, anthropogenic oil, lemon grass oil and juniper oil.

Origin Made by a women’s Fairtrade empowerment group in Nepal


Item MT-OB-00026 (Small) 
  MT-OB-00025 (Large) 


Colour  Black 
Sizes Small - Width 7 x height 12cm
  Large - Width 8 x height 15cm