Material 97% parrafin wax - 3% vegetable wax
Sizes Small - diameter 4,5 x height 6cm
  Medium - diameter 7 x height 10cm
Colour  White 

Pottery papier maché

Material Papier maché
Sizes - colour Diameter 12 x height 13cm - Red - white stripe 
  Diameter 14 x height 18cm - Beige 
  Diameter 16 x height 40cm - Beige 

Vase glass

Material Glass
Sizes Diameter 20 x height 22cm
  Diameter 20 x height 31cm
  Diameter 30 x heigth 57cm

Coat rack

Material Iron
Sizes Height 155cm
Colour  White 
  Light blue 
  Dark blue 
Design Belgium

Depart - Sizoo Brothers

Item MT-TS-BO-00008

The favourite destinations of Instagrammers Depart tells the story of the new photographer. A photographer who's always on the move, equipped with a camera and outfitted with a big dash of courage. And because of his strong presence on social media, the new photographer never travels alone. For Depart, the three Dutch Sizoo Brothers selected the photographers they admire the most. Bastiaan, Bob, Willem and the photographers they curated, guide you on a visual trip to their favorite places, all over the world. The book contains more than 250 pages and over 300 breathtaking photos. That makes Depart not only a spectacular photo book - it also serves as a big shot of visual travel inspiration that will definitely trigger your wanderlust.

How to set a table - Potter

Item MT-TS-BO-00007

This hip, fabric-covered guide includes creative ways to style a table - whether for a sit-down dinner, cocktail party, brunch buffet, picnic in the park, and other fun get-togethers.

Out of fashion - Birgitta De Vos

Item MT-TS-BO-00005
  'Out of fashion' is a picture poetry book embracing time as a treasure.

Away from the fast lane of fashion it takes us on an inspirational world tour meeting forgotten textile makers and methods. 

Dressing the soul - Birgitta De Vos

  A publication about love for the just being of things.  

The humble, silent and simple become pieces of art with nature as the artist.

  The wabi sabi state of things inspires me to create my own art pieces.  

Kinfolk - volume 25

Item MT-TS-BO-00003

The fall issue of Kinfolk explores one of life’s simplest pleasures: sharing a meal. The act of eating together –whether at a well-appointed table or in the simple breaking of bread–is an essential element of a well-lived life. 


Item MT-TS-CA-00013 (Party mice)
  MT-TS-CA-00011 (Party lama)
  MT-TS-CA-00015 (Cheerleaders)
  MT-TS-CA-00017 (Foxy kids)
  MT-TS-CA-00018 (Hope you feel better soon)
  MT-TS-CA-00021 (Wedding car)
  MT-TS-CA-00023 (Tjip tjip hoera)
  MT-TS-CA-00014 (Hooray mouse)
  MT-TS-CA-00019 (Hooray mint)
  MT-TS-CA-00020 (Hooray balloon)
  MT-TS-CA-00026 (King of the day)
  MT-TS-CA-00025 (Rabit)
  MT-TS-CA-00024 (Bear)
  MT-TS-CA-00016 (Walrus with octopus on its head)
Sizes Width 10,5 x height 14,8cm



MT-TS-CA-00002 (Een dikke knuffel om je te feliciteren)

  MT-TS-CA-00003 (Omdat ik je leuk vind)
  MT-TS-CA-00004 (kusje) 
  MT-TS-CA-00005 (Omdat) 
  MT-TS-CA-00010 (Flowers)
  MT-TS-CA-00009 (Wat jou anders maakt...)
  MT-TS-CA-00008 (Voor onze vriendschap)
  MT-TS-CA-00007 (Omdat je zo bijzonder bent)
  MT-TS-CA-00006 (Butterflies)

Width 9 x length 14cm

Poetry cards

Item MT-TS-CA-00034 (Zomer)
  MT-TS-CA-00033 (Ik sta hier)
  MT-TS-CA-00035 (Zag jij)
  MT-TS-CA-00036 (Merel)
Sizes Width 13 x height 17cm

Poetry cards

Item MT-TS-CA-00001
  Poetry cards - set of 8 cards
Sizes Width 12 x height 17cm


Handcrafted paperbook

Material Handcrafted paper
Color  White - Natural cover
Sizes Small - Width 13 x length 16cm
  Large - Width 21 x length 26cm


Handcrafted papers

Material Handcrafted paper
Color  White - Dark grey cover
  White - Cover with text 
Sizes Width 15 x length 22cm


Key hanger

Material Buffalo leather
Colour Cognac
Sizes  Length 17 cm x width 3,8 cm
Design Belgium

Washable paper bag

Material 100% natural fiber - Washable Paper
Sizes  Extra small - small - medium - Extra large 
Origin  North of Italy 

Towel rack

Colour White  
  Blue green 
Sizes  Small - width 90 x height 60cm
  Medium - width 70 x height 140cm
  Large - width 40 x height 200cm

Jute laundry basket


Natural jute 

Color Natural 
  Dark grey 
Sizes Small - diameter 28 x height 35cm
  Large - diameter 60 x height 50cm

Rubber basket

Material Made of recycled inner tubes
Color  Black 
Sizes Small - Diameter 45 x height 34cm
  Large - Diameter 56 x height 39cm
  Use as a basket for wood, books, toys, laundry,...


Rubber basket

Material Upcycled car tire
Color  Black 
Sizes Diameter 30-45 x height 27cm
  Use as a basket for wood, books, toys, laundry,...


Box - memo



Color Light grey
Sizes 25 x 25 x height 13cm
  20 x 35 x height 13cm
  30 x 30 x height 15cm
  30 x 18 x height 11cm

Wicker baskets

Material Handmade from wicker found in a barn
Sizes Small - Diameter 25 x height 25 cm
  Large - Diameter 38 x height 38 cm


Grease Lighting

Material Made from used cooking oil from restaurants
  It can bring you cosiness without even a smell…
Sizes  Height 13cm 



Safety pin

Item MT-OB-00004 (Small)
  MT-OB-00005 (Medium) 

Safety pin made of brass

Origin India

Soap linen

Item MT-OB-00014 (washing-up)
  MT-OB-00017 (showergel)
  MT-OB-00038 (scrubsalt)
  MT-OB-00038b (liquid soap)


Sizes Washing-up - 1l
  Showergel - 500ml
  Scrubsalt - 400g
  Liquid soap - 500ml

Yak milk soap

Item MT-OB-00019

Yak milk, honey, red clay, anthropogenic oil, lemon grass oil and juniper oil.

Origin Made by a women’s Fairtrade empowerment group in Nepal


Item MT-OB-00026 (Small) 
  MT-OB-00025 (Large) 


Colour  Black 
Sizes Small - Width 7 x height 12cm
  Large - Width 8 x height 15cm

Bird M

Material - Colour

Concrete black

  Concrete grey
Sizes  Length 15 x depth 9 x height 3,5cm