Sintra dining table

Description Suitable as a dining or meeting table where the contrast between the soft warm cork, meets the cold smooth marble. The distinction between the two shapes gives the impression of two worlds meeting one another.
Product details

– Seats 5-7 people
– Variations can appear due to natural materials.
– Can be made to order with different table tops

– Natural cork base
– Red limestone top
– Ataija marble top
– Yellow limestone topase
– White marble top
– Black marble top

– Ø135 / H 77 cm

Farmhouse table


In the sentiment of traditional farmhouses, the table is solely made of elements of function; abiding to the notion of the simple life in the countryside whilst expressing a rural aesthetic.

The Farmhouse Table is composed of two trestles used in conjunction, along with a round table top. The visible trestles resemble the exposed beams apparent at traditional farmhouses. On top, rests a double-face table top of oak speckled with knots; seemingly unapologetic about its “flaws”. Turned around, and a less knotted complexion reveals itself.

Product details

– Flat packed
– Easy to assemble (no tools needed)
– Easily moved around
– May be used as a dining table or a work desk
– The trestles may support different table tops beside the one included

– Oak with knots

– Trestles: H70 / W76 / D41 cm 
– Top: Ø120 cm / Ø140 cm 

TA 12

Material Oak 
Sizes Diameter 120 x height 76cm
  Diameter 140 x height 76cm
  Diameter 160 x height 76cm
  Diameter 180 x height 76cm
Design  Belgium